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  1. Epilogue definition, a concluding part added to a literary work, as a novel. See more.
  2. Epilog is the AI Vision Company Helping Humans With Robotic Tasks. Site Map. Home. About. Technology. Problem. Solution. News. Contact.
  3. Epilog Fusion Pro Laser Machines. Introducing the new Epilog Fusion Pro. 5G acceleration and IPS engraving speeds provide the fastest engraving in the industry. And the IRIS™ Camera Positioning system allows you to precisely place your artwork on screen in seconds. Fusion Pro 32” x 20” ( x mm) work area.
  4. ep·i·logue also ep·i·log (ĕp′ə-lôg′, -lŏg′) n. 1. a. A short poem or speech spoken directly to the audience following the conclusion of a play. b. The performer who delivers such a short poem or speech. 2. A short addition or concluding section at the end of a literary work, often .
  5. Epilog Laser introduces the Zing Laser, a high-quality 25W entry-level laser engraving and cutting machine. Laser engraving system Epilog burzy (Epilogue to a Storm), with its attractive dust jacket taken from a painting by Giorgione, contains the poetic harvest of the last five or six years of the poet's life.
  6. Epilog. is an option for graphics functions that gives a list of graphics primitives to be rendered after the main part of the graphics is rendered. Details. In three-dimensional graphics, two-dimensional graphics primitives can be specified by the Epilog option. The graphics primitives are rendered in .
  7. "I found the Epilog team to be very professional from the outset of the project and throughout our discussions, resulting in a proposal and the delivery/implementation of the project. The team did everything necessary and more to make sure that the project was a success.
  8. Epilog's compact design combines Chroma optics with advanced AI processing trained with thousands of hours of driving data to ensure a smooth and safe driving experience. 8K Panoramic AI. Epilog S elf-Driving Demo. In this example we are using Epilog software as a driver assistance system to accelerate, stop and steer the car.
  9. The Laser Dashboard™ controls your Epilog Laser's settings from a wide range of software packages - from design programs to spreadsheet applications to CAD drawing packages. Red Dot Pointer: Since the laser beam is invisible, the Red Dot Pointer on Epilog's Legend Laser allows you to have a visual reference for locating where the laser will fire.

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